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Soap ' the goat milk with a srub '
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Salt for bath -
The sea salt dissolved in water, contains 32 chemical compounds - the present elixir of vivacity and health!

The basic operating substance is chloride sodium, besides, contains a rich complex of biologically active macrocells (na, k, mg, ca) and microcells (iodine, iron, chrome, a pine forest etc.) in the balanced parity. the product is intended for preparation of the mineral (sea) water used for the complex of mineral components influences an organism through a skin, by formation, so-called, "a salt cloak" and penetration of microcells, and also through respiratory ways. the mechanism of therapeutic influencehloridno-natrievye waters actively influence a condition of the central nervous system, make active a current of many exchange processes. blood circulation improves.

Sea salt does not cause reactions. widespread application of sea salt as the treatment-and-prophylactic means improving a condition of a skin. the fine natural preparation normalising a dream and reducing feeling of weariness. use of salt "Rigas ziepju manufaktura" After the termination of the working day is a convenient means is high-grade to relax and prepare for a dream.

Vypuskaetja salt of various aromas and colours. some recipes are added by dry grasses and petals. especially conveniently that salt is on sale on weight, therefore the buyer can get any quantity.
Salt for a bath ' the lavender '
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Salt for a bath ' the eucalyptus '
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